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An electric height adjustable desk by Conset of Denmark ... brings you good value, strength and durability....Retailers throughout the UK, Ireland & Channel Isles

For your nearest Conset supplier contact: 01245 477922 or e-mail and we will suggest a main dealer to supply and install your desk.
Check the high specification and value for money of series 501-29, a proven success. Conset: Promoting affordable healthy working.

       ..£ brochure 2016/17..........New 501-43.. .......501-25 demonstration video

  • 1 - 501-29 (*125kg) lift capacity electric frame from £459 available in 3 widths 84cm, 129cm, 152cm and 3 leg version (auto stop system built in) strong rigid
    construction with heavy undertop brace traverse link. Series includes a 120 degree height adjustable desk frame.
    2 - 501-7 (*70kg) frame only option £303, fit your own top, The original first designed Conset electric height adjustable desk frame, standing the test of time everyday
    3 - 501-19 (*100kg), An elegant looking strong single column series with various base plate options frame only £468 and wall mount version	
    4 - 501-11 (*150kg) with top from £661, Immensely strong heavy duty and very solid standing.. Some say 'over engineered' extensively proven as being a workhorse
    with regards to durability and construction. Movie. This must be one of the strongest standing desks sold in the UK
    5 - 501-27 (*125kg) (auto stop system ) Compact twin leg frame, 3 widths, low min height (frame from SRP £441 stroke 54cm -119cm) suitable for children and adults link
    6 - 501-23 (synchronised motors type) (*200kg capacity but must be evenly loaded) (meeting / conference tables) Consets most elegant sit stand electric frame  link
    7 - 501-25 (*80kg) simple twin leg frame, 3 widths, 84cm, 133cm, 152cm (frame from SRP £393 stroke 70cm -118cm) for when basic but strong is just enough.
    8 - 501-49 (*100kg) lift capacity electric desk frame, telescopic width to suit tops length 120cm-200cm x depth 70cm-100cm SRP £541, stroke 65cm-125cm,
    (*frame lift max/peak load) £ ex VAT
    9NEW 501-43 from £451 desk frame £ price brochure PDF
    Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame types explained (click)

This standing desk range is designed in Denmark where nearly all office staff have a height adjustable desk to allow them to sit or stand whilst working

It is ideal for many purposes from multi-user call centers through to use for disabled staff who can set their own comfortable desk height at the touch of 2 buttons.

        Movie 11mb 501-17 standard duty .. Movie 5.5mb 501-17 assembly.... Movie 5.5mb 501-29 assembly

Healthy Working, avoid making back pain worse, if your back starts to ache then standing up to work can be the best relief it's so simple when you have a Conset desk.

Demonstrated with our lightest capacity twin legged height adjustable desk frame. Full desk from £461 or electric frame only £407< 150cm top, £414>160cm top max 200cm.

Heights across the 8 series range from 540mm lowest up to 1300mm highest - Get the specification for each series by downloading our height adjustable desk brochure


1 - Below = Conset 501-29, 125kg lift capacity frame, endless shapes and sizes from Conset. eg.. with 1600 x 800 rectangular top SRP £538 ex VAT

Sit stand frame height from 630mm - 1300mm at the touch of a button. Powder coated RAL 9006 silver. Speed 32mm / second. Autostop system built in.

White and Black Laminate now available - ask your Conset dealer for details



2 - Below = Conset 501-7 stand up desk, 70kg lift capacity frame kg

501-7 70kg electric adjustable 120 degree table as above with single column has an SRP from £383 ex VAT many choices of size and finish, or fit your own top, frame only

£303 ex VAT


3 - Below = Conset 501-19, 100kg lift capacity frame kg, create your own stand up desk, buy just the frame and re-use your existing top

we even have a rechargeable battery pack option for schools, colleges and libraries, a wall mount version and 2 versions with optional wheels.


4- Below = Conset 501-11 150kg lift capacity heavy duty (Bosch Motor) electric height adjustable desking

Electric height adjustable standing desk - endless combination of various shapes and sizes from Conset. 501-11 electric height adjustable desks black or silver frame

501-11 electric desk 1600mm x 1000mm as above in beech melamine has a suggested retail price of £732 
ex VAT other choices of finish available.  Adjustable desk tilt top option,      single piece top or split top desk



5 - Below = Conset 501-27, 125kg lift capacity frame with extra low minimum height. Suitable height range for children to most adults.

501-27 125kg capacity frame in 3 widths 84cm, 133cm, 152cm. Frame price from SRP £419 ext VAT. Built in auto safety stop.

Min height just 540mm. Shallow frame depth for tops of 600mm - 1000mm deep.


6 - Below = Conset 501-23, 200kg lift capacity frame, open symmetrical design idea for electric height adjustable meeting tables

501-23 200kg capacity height adjustable table frame telescopic width. 2 or 3 leg versions and L shape version

7 - Below = Conset 501-25, 80kg lift capacity frame.

501-25 80kg capacity electric twin leg frame. For when height adjustable desks need to be strong but basic to keep the cost low. 3 widths 84cm, 133cm, 152cm

501-25 example: 160cm x 80cm complete desk, beech, maple or oak melamine SRP £484 ex VAT Available to order from your Conset furniture supplier now.

8 - Below = Conset 501-49, 100kg lift capacity frame.

501-49 (*100kg) lift capacity electric desk frame, telescopic width option to suit multiple desk top sizes (frame) SRP £541, stroke 65cm-125cm, elegant open design.

To suit tops length 120cm-200cm x depth 70cm-100cm, ..........................Black/Chrome...............Silver/Chrome..............White/Chrome

  • ---------------------------------------
  • 10 good reasons to choose a ConSet desk:
    • Changing your working position regularly, helps to prevent back problems
    • If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day can offer great relief and help the recovery
    • People of various height can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - beneficial for those of a taller stature, in the prevention of stooping
    • Electric operation means that people can easily adjust their own desk height, which is also very useful for wheelchair users
    • Ideal for people where sitting all day is not an option, ie individual returning to work after back surgery
    • Developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, to meet European standards and to cater for many types of work processes
    • Advantageous for groups who share the same workstation - ie “Hotdesking” or shift working environments
    • Compliance with the latest DDA regulations
    • ConSet A/S are specialised suppliers of electric desks, which means substantial production quantities and good value for money
    • Good value for money means more people can choose electric compared to manual height adjustment

  • Pay Back
    Several years ago sit/stand tables were considered a luxury or an employee harassment. Those days are over, and the products are now chosen for rational
    considerations, where the interest of the employee and the company meet.

  • Argument 1
    The possibility to change from sitting to standing position or just adjust the height a little has a preventive effect so working injuries and longterm absence is reduced.

    Argument 2
    Also minor injuries acquired in people's spare time cause absence. Gardening, sports or other unaccustomed strain gives a lot of absence.
    For the employees it is always a little embarrassing, but with a sit/stand table they come back to work sooner.The result is that short term absence can be less.

    Argument 3
    The efficiency is increased when you are not annoyed by an uncomfortable working position.

    Argument 4
    The price for the sit/stand table is crucial for the payback time. With a ConSet table this time is shorter as our prices are maintained to be most competitive.
    A sit/stand frame costs from £303,- and has a possible durability of 15 years. Imagine the benefit financially if the average absence is reduced by 2%. In comparison problems in the back, neck and arms represent approximately 33% of the total absence.

  • The up side is almost too good to be true.

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These desks are available from selected retail outlets throughout the UK, Ireland and Jersey and Guernsey please call:

To obtain details of your nearest Conset retailer contact: Interline UK 01245 477922 e-mail

  • Choice of finishes
  • Veneer: Maple, Beech, Oak, Cherry
  • Melamine: Maple, Beech, Oak
  • Laminate: Black or White


(kg quoted refers to the maximum peak lifting capacity of the frame ie..max/peak load)

All prices shown are examples of the suggested retail price (SRP) exclusive of VAT from the 2016/17/18 price book and the dealer may charge extra for delivery

height adjustable desk was last updated 24/1/19

If you are looking for a height adjustable desk then Conset have the largest selection available to choose from. Manufacturers of electric standing desks since year 2000.

For the Conset Care baby changing nursery tables see this link

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